Telit BlueMod, the Better, Faster, Stronger and 
Easier Bluetooth Low Energy module line

Countless groundbreaking innovations driven by Bluetooth® 5 are on the horizon. See how easy design and development can be with the BlueMod product line.


Better efficiency

Rely on better efficiency which extends the battery life of devices by years in some use cases.

Stronger range

Take advantage of a connectivity range 4 times the previous version to provide a seamless experience. Wider range means that entire homes, buildings, and smart city uses cases can rely solely on BLE.

Faster speed

Experience data transfer in real-world applications. When data transmission time is cut, power consumption is significantly reduced and major updates process in half the time.


BlueMod modules are swappable with Bluetooth 4 and 4.2 versions of our Bluetooth line and includes future-proof features and enhancements typically found in subsequent upgrade releases.

Generic GATT Client and Server
Terminal I/O
NFC Handover
Line-of-sight range over 800* meters. (*250m with Android phone and iPhone).
Ultra-Low power with proprietary UICP (UART Interface Control Protocol)\
Small Footprint

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