Get to Know Our Cat M & Cat NB Portfolio

The Industry's broadest portfolio of Release 13 modules

Learn About Cat M and NBIoT Modules

New xE910 and xE866 variants drop-in and replace 2G and 3G versions in existing devices or connect an array of new devices made possible by lower power and better reach and range than traditional LTE.

This generation of Telit Cat M and NBIoT modules support power saving mode and extended discontinuous reception, which together allow the module to wake up periodically, exchange small amounts of data with the network and return to sleep, providing for years of battery life.

  • LTE Release 13 Cat M and Cat NB portfolio
  • Reliable and long-term available LPWA with 3GPP/NB standard
  • Enhanced in-structure reach from improved radio link propagation characteristics
  • NBIoT 10+ year battery life from extreme low-power mode for latency-tolerant applications
  • Optional on-board embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC)
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